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The Profissional:

- The writter of the book translated for 5 languages: NEWBORN - photography, tecnique and art

- Speaker in 30 conferences in 7 different countries and teacher off more than 1000 students in 16 countries.

- The creater of Paloma Schell's Stands, that was a revolution of newborn photography

- 100k followers on facebook Studio Paloma Schell , website www.palomaschell.com,

- It is among the leading photographers of newborns in the world..

The Person:

Paloma Schell is married, mother of two and considers the family to be her greatest source of inspiration. Daughter of a photographer, she carries in her blood the love for the art of freezing time. From Rio Grande do Sul, living in Florianópolis, she found in the “Magic Island” her favorite spot in the world. She pursued a major in photography and specialized in newborns with well-known photographers from The U.S., Canada and Australia. Author of the book “Guia prático para Fotografar Newborn” released in 2015 by iPhoto Publishing House, that in 2017 was translated to English, French, Italian and latelly in Spanish. Having photographed over 900 babies, some of them celebrities’ children.

Paloma revolutionized the world of newborn photography with the Newborn Stands by Paloma Schell, a product that had made the newborn photography safer and more productive. The product is being patented in Brazil and holds an international patent reserve. The Stands are being exported to over 60 countries.

The  Studio

Launched in April 2013, Studio Paloma Schell is located in the Jurerê Internacional neighborhood, in the northern region of Florianópolis Island, Brazil. It has an area of ​​270m² in total, being 86m² reserved for the newborn. Designed to make the customer feel at home, the area is spacious and cozy. The lighting is nice and soft so as not to disturb the baby while it is photographed. The environment has temperature and humidity control, being entirely prepared to offer safety to the newborns during the sessions. Our collection has more than 1,600 accessories, imported and national, with the highest quality and good taste.

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