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The Profissional:

- The writter of the book translated for 5 languages: NEWBORN - photography, tecnique and art

- Speaker in 30 conferences in 7 different countries and teacher off more than 1000 students in 16 countries.

- The creater of Paloma Schell's Stands, that was a revolution of newborn photography

- 100k followers on facebook Studio Paloma Schell , website www.palomaschell.com,

- It is among the leading photographers of newborns in the world..

The Person:

Paloma Schell is married, mother of two and considers the family to be her greatest source of inspiration. Daughter of a photographer, she carries in her blood the love for the art of freezing time. From Rio Grande do Sul, living in Florianópolis, she found in the “Magic Island” her favorite spot in the world. She pursued a major in photography and specialized in newborns with well-known photographers from The U.S., Canada and Australia. Author of the book “Guia prático para Fotografar Newborn” released in 2015 by iPhoto Publishing House, that in 2017 was translated to English, French, Italian and latelly in Spanish. Having photographed over 900 babies, some of them celebrities’ children.

Paloma revolutionized the world of newborn photography with the Newborn Stands by Paloma Schell, a product that had made the newborn photography safer and more productive. The product is being patented in Brazil and holds an international patent reserve. The Stands are being exported to over 60 countries.

Where we have been to get here...

f you already know and admire Paloma Schell’s work, you are probably here because you want to know a little more about her style and history. Today we want to show you that it took a long road to get here.

In addition to all the courses, specializations and hundreds of works that have made Paloma the person she is today, many events have also been part of her baggage, and we will now share some of them with you. Join us! 



In April 2013, after working 2 long years at customer’s houses, the Studio Paloma Schell opened its doors. The studio in the neighborhood of Jurerê, was only 23m², but even so, it was responsible for great achievements.

The space soon became too small and in December of the same year it was expanded, gaining twice the space it had.


In March 2014, Paloma held the first edition of “Oficina Vida do Bebê”, in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, where she passed on her knowledge about the Newborn photography style to photographers from all over Brazil. The course,

that lasts a week, was the first of its kind in Brazil. Between April and May 2014, a dream came true. Paloma had her first exhibition of photographs called “Cheiro de Talco”. The exhibition, that took place in Florianópolis, brought together eleven pictures of babies up to 20 days old!

In the month of October, the series continued with the exhibition “Cheirinho de Infância”. This time, Paloma presented to the public photographs of children up to two years old.

At the end of the year, during the congress “Evolution Studio”, held in São Paulo from November 3 to 5, Paloma presented her first lecture which was about her tricks for photographing newborns and also about composition.



The beginning of the year 2015 was very productive for Paloma, and in March she launched an exclusive line of albums for newborn photographers, and a packing box made of leatherette with an acrylic lid that has space for a pencard and a little treat for the client!

Also in March, the exhibition “Cheirinho de Talco” got to its third edition! In the month of July, Paloma was a special guest in the Brazilian Congress of Photography, where she had a lecture, and in the same month, she participated in the BootCamp - Deep Inside event, where she told participants what she had done to become one of the biggest professionals in newborn photography here in Brazil.

One month later, Paloma launched her exclusive line of round backdrop Stands that make the backdrops used in the newborn sessions stretch (a difficulty faced by hundreds of photographers). After much study, Paloma got to an ideal Stand for this type of session. The Stands are in the process of being patented and are exported to over 50 countries.

In November 2015, it was time to participate in the “Newborn Experience”, in São Paulo, where she met Ana Brandt (a newborn photographer known worldwide) and was complimented for the exclusive Stand.

Also in November, Paloma participated in the Congress “Newborn Secret”s, in the city of Florianópolis, where, in addition to giving a lecture, she also launched her first book, the “Practical Guide to photograph Newborns”.

Besides the joy of presenting her first book to the world, Paloma also received a more than special message from Ana Brandt, congratulating her on the achievement!

Still in November, the location of the Studio Paloma Schell was transferred to the main avenue of the neighborhood. It would now have an area of 270m² and an entire floor dedicated to the newborn and family photography.


In March, before opening her new studio, Paloma held the last “Oficina Vida do Bebê”, which brought together new professionals interested in the newborn photography style. Then, in the last week of the month, the new Studio Paloma Schell in Florianópolis opened its doors. A perfect space to receive customers and have the most beautiful sessions!

Carrying on a great rhythm, in April, Paloma gave a lecture at the Newborn Photo Conference, in São Paulo, the biggest event of the segment in Brazil and second largest in the world.

During her participation, Paloma performed a live session demonstrating the importance of composition, the definition of angles, language elements and the color palette that are used during the session.

In addition, she talked about professional planning, complicity with the mother for the baby to sleep during session, and other key techniques for success.



In September 2016, Paloma had her first tour in Europe, where she gathered 60 students in the countries she visited. She is one of the first Brazilian newborn photographers to reach such prominent position in the international Newborn photography market.

During that month, she went through Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin and Paris, where she was extremely well received for the workshops and had the chance to create a unique relationship with her first foreign students.

In October, she traveled to the United States, the birthplace of the newborn photography, where she gave her one-week workshop to 4 American photographers and where she completed 500 photographed newborns.

In 2017 she returned to Europe for two other tours. She taught in Lisbon, Milan, Marseille, Brussels, Geneva, and Amsterdam, in addition to returning to the cities of Madrid and Paris, where she was invited to lecture in two congresses in 2018 - Pep's (the largest photography congress in France) and Cifoto (the Newborn and Family Italian Congress of Photography).

Still in 2017, she returned to the United States where she taught two classes in the city of Las Vegas.



It was a long and wonderful journey to get here. However, the road is still long and the journey can’t stop. We follow our path of learning and dedication, providing moms in Brazil and around the world with not only images of their babies, but also memories of love!

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The  Studio

Launched in April 2013, Studio Paloma Schell is located in the Jurerê Internacional neighborhood, in the northern region of Florianópolis Island, Brazil. It has an area of ​​270m² in total, being 86m² reserved for the newborn. Designed to make the customer feel at home, the area is spacious and cozy. The lighting is nice and soft so as not to disturb the baby while it is photographed. The environment has temperature and humidity control, being entirely prepared to offer safety to the newborns during the sessions. Our collection has more than 1,600 accessories, imported and national, with the highest quality and good taste.

Exposição Cheirinho de Talco

Abril de 2014