Priscilla Felix

I'm Priscilla Felix, nurse and newborn photographer. I've been working with Paloma Schell since 2015, giving lectures on safety in newborn photography.  

As you have enrolled in Paloma Schell's workshop, you'll have a special value to complement your studies at newborn photography and as consequence, offer a competitive edge in the market. 

In this course you will learn about caring for babies who have a disability or require a special attention.


November  5th


November  20th


November  24th


Do you want to convey more confidence to your future clients by telling them that you have studied with a nurse about caring for a special needed newborn?


Want to work out for sure that you're doing the best for newborns?


Do you want to understand how and why to make poses safely, knowing what special care for babies with special needs and to train on the SIB doll?


So this course is for you!

Newborn Safety


US$ 250

US$ 100 enrollment fee

US$ 150 remaining amount

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