From 2013 to today, more than 150 classes of workshops in 12 countries. In this time, in addition to the experience with newborns, I understood better the desires and needs of the students, with this, I was making my courses more objective and dynamic. I realized that being able to divide what I learned over time is also a way of learning and gradually I discover a new passion: mentoring.
Through this work I exercise with all my love, I can to the adventures, meet charming and dreamy people, and discover beautiful and wonderful places.

Thank you to all students, in Brazil and around the world.

You motivate me to continue!


Paloma Schell.


January 01 st

Workshop Approach

How to develop an efficient workflow

Session Planning

Beanbag Positions and Transitions

Wrap sequence

Props and accessories

Lighting and equipment

The best angles of the baby

Composition and Photographic Style

100% practice

In the morning, students will attend a full newborn session while the mentor teaches all of her techniques, providing the students with a real session experience.

In the afternoon, students will have the opportunity to photograph a baby, training the angles and frames. 

The practice of angles is individual and oriented so that students make the most of it..

What is included?

8-hour workload of practice, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Coffee-break *we do not stop for lunch, that is why we have a small break in between practices for a snack

E-book with a guide of poses and angles, camera setup, color wheel and post production



US$ 600

US$ 150 enrollment fee

US$ 450 remaining amount
(only 2 spots left)

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